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How to Feel Niceand Clean Whilst on Your Period

Six Parts:Having the right suppliesPreventingleakageDealing with discomfort or distressStaying clean and healthyDocumentingyour periodTreating period stains


Are you tired of feeling horrible, unclean,and useless while on your period? Maybe you''ve had it for a while or you are anew-starter. Either way, this article can make you feel better during your timeof the month.


Part1 of 6: Having the right supplies


Have enough supplies. This is the mostimportant thing. If you have had your period for a while you will know whichproducts you prefer, how heavy your flow is and if you prefer tampons overpads. When you have just started most girls use pads.

2.    Alwayskeep spare pads and tampons with you. Even if you don''t have problems withirregularity, a friend may be in need for supplies. It''s always better to beprepared.


3Talk to a trusted adult, best friend orsister about which products you should use, or stick to the regular ones foryour age group.

Order free samples so you can try them all(don''t try them at school or work because it would be better to leak at homethan in public.)


Sometimes it can be embarrassing to talk toyour mother about these things but she understands. After all, you are bothwomen.


Part2 of 6: Preventing leakage


If you are scared of leaking as many girlsand women are, change your pad/tampon regularly. This is especially importantif your flow is heavy.

     If you are unable to change it and you havea heavy flow either use both a pad and a tampon, or use a pad and two pairs ofunderwear. It is better to wear a pad and then wear some shorts and a pair ofloose trousers for comfort and reassurance.

     If you have an event where you have to weara dress, wear spandex yoga/workout/bike shorts under the dress to prevent anunwanted accident.


At night use a heavy pad or a nighttimepad. Since you won''t be able to change it, a thicker pad will offer moreprotection as you sleep. Wear old pants and pajama bottoms. If you think youmight leak, wrap an old towel or blanket around you or around the mattress atthe level of your likely leakage onto the bed.

     3Try to wear dark clothes if you areworried about leaking. Or, make sure to have a jacket with you to tie aroundyour waist, just in case.

To be continued